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I was out far away. I'm pretty sure I was in NC with Melanie and her boyfriend? and someone else. There was something with some sandwiches and stuff.
I'll get back to this.
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Notes to self quickly.

house that stole cars. next to a park of sorts. cops around. they tattooed my arm.red & orange fire. gave me a gun and told me to go home. i did. came back. got a different gun. think i got my car back at some point.

great garndfather didn't want to drive down sunrise so called cabs & us. he was too slow , couldn't see well. felt bad. took him to some accupuncture place to get orange needles stuck in his face.

Group Con.

Sep. 8th, 2011 12:40 pm
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So, I went to this convention thing with a few people. Eve, Kat, Cor, Adr and I think one more. For some reason I was on a computer talking to Kat and telling Adr to do some push ups. He didn't want to, he faked a few. I thought that was weird because me and him used to work out all the time together. Eventually we did some push ups.
Skip until later.
We're all in a bed together and naked. Can you imagine what's going on? I'm on top of Cor and Eve is next to us on the left while Kat & Adr and possibly that other girl on the right. So the others disappear and I tell Cor that I'm sorry about all the death and the penis then she walks away leaving just Eve & I. She makes a funny face and a sarcastic comment about how I have group sex all the time. I'm at the end of the bed and she's laying on her back with her feet to the wall and head tilted up towards me. I moved to lay normally on my side and tell her to come to me so I can kiss her.
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I was looking through my CD collection for a couple to to listen to. I found some Iron Maiden best of, Angelspit and 3 others. I tried to keep it more meta so I didn't have to hear someone complain about the boom-shalock-shalock-goth or whatever. After finding some I ordered some food and then went to pick up Laura. When I got back with her she left to go pick up Chains. Before they returned I called up Marina and she said something about it being better than karate and that she'd come. I was a bit happy she'd actually show up. Then I woke up.
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I don't remember exactly where I was. I think it was at a school, no school in particular. There was a fight with Thug Squad but it wasn't the regular group, it was a different bunch. Somebody had a gun (hint: it wasn't Janey). At some point one of the guys tried shooting me but I grabbed my own and fired it passed his head and he still wouldn't back off so I had to shoot him in the abdomen. Just before this happened this guy rounded up myself plus a girl and two guys and he tried strangling them but I avoided this. I don't remember but I believe I tried to get an ambulance or something. Even if he is doing evil that doesn't mean he should just lie around bleeding all over. I don't know what motivated him to take these actions. It sounded like some small bombs went off somewhere.
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I was downstairs with my band for practice and somebody brings up covering Korn's version of Ear Ache My Eye. Carl said he was planning on doing it with our old guitarist 'cause...whatever. I said something about it being in drop A tuning but we did it, I think I was playing guitar.

Then I'm up in space and I think Jean-Luc Picard made an appearance at some point. But anyway, I'm in this spaceship orbiting Earth, wondering what's going on. Bitterly happy that there are no laws; complete freedom. Only problem is that there's also nothing. Lots and lots and lots of nothing. Yet, I manage to find a market of some sort and buy some hot dogs; veggie friendly ones. There's some kid next to me buying some as well but they were the regular ones. Phiz was there as well, she wanted to dream. I don't think she wanted to do any drugs or anything like that but the thought passed through my mind.

that's mostly it. if i remember more I'll finish.
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I decided to start an Icecast Internet radio station called Panda Radio. It's a pretty diverse mix of black metal, rock, industrial and nearly everything else other than the top 500. (Okay, maybe I'll throw some RATM or SOAD in there...) It turned out to be a pretty big hit; after only a few days I've got people coming to my apartment with rockets (like fireworks), pandas and kits to put all this stuff together. I decided to pick up one of these ladies as I was getting in the car to ride down the long bridge we had near by. This bridge was great for skating or biking across. I also had my good buddy J'sapi with me. I think he lived with me actually and was going to ride his bike and race me as I rode my skateboard. So, this girl's carrying a rocket and I tell her to get into the back of my car; she's much appreciative, excited she's meeting and even hanging out with me. She tells me how awesome my radio station is. We drive all the way across the bridge to the island and we walk around a bit, go down to the end where she says the Samolian Slaves are that the state is using for construction.

3 chikitas

Aug. 21st, 2011 08:02 am
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Lyssa, Marina & Kat were working at some fast food type place, I think Burrito Hell. Lyssa was making food, Marina was taking orders at the cash register. I don't know what Kat was doing but I'm fairly certain she was there and I don't know what I was even doing at the place, guess I was visiting them. Lyssa could barely hear me talking to her because there was something loud like a fan between us.

Short one

Aug. 16th, 2011 09:48 pm
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I went to pick up my friend Marina (no, nothing to do with boats. Okay, maybe ;)). Pulled up in front of her house, got out to knock on the door and she met me halfway in her front yard. I can't describe the look on her face.... Her mother was in the window so I decided to go introduce myself.
That's pretty much it. I am pretty sure I was just bringing her to work because it looked like she was in her work attire. White long sleeve button down shirt, black pants, black sneakers.
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Gigantic Nick said that I was cute. That's very odd, I thought we always had a mutual respectful dislike for one another. He grabbed my trench coat, looked at my blue shirt and said it. I was kind of happy but confused and was like.. uhh okay thanks and laughed. Then thankfully he walked away and we got back to our own business. He was probably mocking me again.
Before that happened though I was in the van at my house and driving down to a school. This van was in poor condition. Either I was in a rush or just uneasy. When I got to the school I met up with these two girls. One of them was in trouble, no idea why. The three of us left the building and it was very crowded outside so we were able to hide her. For some reason we just stood not far from the entrance and the girls walked back and forth through the crowd and behind me just inside the doors was the principal staring creepily out at us. I'm pretty sure he saw me but I don't think he noticed anyone else. After walking side to side about 4 times in different disguises I finally grabbed them and we left to the van.
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I was at a buddy's party, Ray's. I left with Carl & Pixie and went to their place for a bit. For some reason I had some small water slug creature. I grabbed some other things too, I think even some other animals but they were dead, it was more like twigs and dirt or something, I don't really remember. I found a few oyster shell halves and scooped up some water to keep the creature alive with. After doing this it inflated a little bit and became a little more lively, I actually wasn't sure if it was dead until now but glad to see it wasn't. So, I left their house and was sitting in the car, which was more like a van I think. At some point Carl is yelling about something and Pixie comes in, I think she was out somewhere and walked in with two friends. The yelling and Pixie's crying are unrelated. She asks if anybody else is here, Carl says no. They go inside and I guess he makes her feel a little better. She notices I'm here when they come back out and then Carl drives me somewhere. I've been sitting and waiting here for a long time. I had to go out west somewhere to go to a store. I forgot which one exactly and why but I just know I had to go so he takes me back to Ray's where my car is and then I just start driving hoping that I'll remember once I get closer. After a while of driving I stop somewhere and help them with something in their drive way and they tell me exactly how to get to this store I think I'm looking for.

Short one

Aug. 3rd, 2011 11:39 pm
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I was driving a car around. I had to pick someone up. We went to a garage sale and at some point a large shopping center which mostly consisted of something like a Staples.

Sorry, can't remember too much of this one anymore.
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So, I was dreaming that I was at the beach or something. I owned a grey jeep thing. I was walking back and I see this surfer dude with longish blonde hair and a tiny pair of scissors in the ignition and a thing for change or something in the middle between the two seats. I figured he just used those instead or keys. It was easier since he could use them for most things./ or i thought that he just had a cool pair of keys made up. I don't know why I thought I shared the car, like it might've been a public car or something. I didn't think he was trying to steal it until I saw him taking all the change out. There was a lot. At first I actually thought he was just taking a little out to pay for stuff but then he kept going. Suddenly I pull out a handgun, point it at his head and exclaim that it's loaded and he'd better put everything down and step out of the vehicle. He says to drop my weapon. I don't, he's no threat now. I may take a shot at something past him to show him I'm not playing. He hurriedly drops everything, empties his pockets and gets out. That's pretty much it. Maybe this is why I don't go to the beach.
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Sorry, i don't have my glasses on. I'm still laying down typing all this

We were staying over some house and sleeping on a futon. Still in couch form. There wasn't much room so I was sitting at the back with my arms around her/ This pleased me much. She's a snuggly one/ Aomw lADY AT SOME POINT SOON AFTER WE LAID DOWN WAS LIKE " i DON'T KNOWWHY YOU GUYS ARE LAYING LIKE THAT RAWRAWRWAR" "sO i WAS JUST LIKE. "'CAUSE IT'S A FUTON. WE DON'T HAVE MUCH ROOM HERE, SEE" THEN i PULLED THE BLANKET OVER US AGAIN AND WENT BACK TO LAYING DOWN HOLDING sARAH. I was thirsty so i drank some water she did too then i went to get more and go to the bathroom. for some reason i think there was only a sink.. and it wouldn't fully drain so i had to mess with the plug thing luckily there was soap. I had to goback and repeat the water and bathroom trip for some reason a few minutes later. after that i finally was able to get some sleep. i think we were in someones basement.. but it wasn't really a basement, it was a big dark room. there was another group of people 203 guys in a bed not far from us. around the corner. i think there was a blonde girl with them. when i awoke the next morning i went to get a laptop. it was weird and red. the screen slide forward and spun around in all directions. it didn't stay in place exetremely well though. i think i was checking my FB Email and doing some oter things and i see a huge dog outside. it jumps towards the house, seems to miss a window but i see a buldge in the wall and it gets through. the beast then procedes to attack the dog that's in the house but not me. it's got part of the dogs back/neck/shoulder area in it's mouth. it seems friendly to me but i'm terribly afraid that it's going to come for me after it kills this dog. it injures the dog a little but nothing too bad. i'm trying to tell the beast to let the dog go but it won't as well as franticly find someone to help. i hope a door and find some people. one's just sitting with a laptop and headphones. thin smoking a cigarette too. someone else gets up and goes out when some other peple knock looking for their dog. they seemed angry and a little upset. the guy, he's got short light brown curly hair and a red shirt and seems to live there says he doesn't really know what is happening to their dog but is sorry and he gives the dog back. he says the bigger dog, the beast, is his and says something to the other people. nobody knows anything. apparently the best was supposed to be tied up but got lose. when that fiasesxo is over i finish up what i'm doing on that laptop and shut it down. i think i may have broken the screen thing.it seems to have three parts of the slide and adjusts itself, as in sinks in a little to whatever it's on. in this case some bed thing. but it's like a kitchen table
. i think this pretty much concludes the drem. i'm gonna go to the bathroom now.
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driving over a bridge with kat, there was a sign that said
frequency this bridge opens/
days of the week

it opened when we got over it and the kat shot off and we had to push the windows open and the doors. it was kinda weird how it looked.everything opened t once.


some girl came over. tall, skinny, long black/pupleish hair. gothy. adrian was jealous, told me not to steal her. she said she was a night person too so we had stuff in common. discussed my work schedule a bit.

before this i was walking a dog, held the leash loosely. didn't really have it wrapped around my wrist. it was short. there was a school and we went down a few blocks, the weather was nice, not too bright or hot, walked a bit, then some how turned around and went back towards the school to head back to the house. then i guess that lead up to the above paragraph

and the night before when I slept over Kats house, on the couch downstairs, i had a dream that i drooled on some guys hand when i was giving him money. he said he'd take it w/o the drool. this may or may not be work related.
when i woke up i had part of an X on my face that rubbed off of my hand. The X was there from playing with xUntilxDeathx
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John walks into the house, it's dark, hardly any of the lights are on. His father and brother are standing around in the kitchen. Soon he discovers his mother petrified, dead in the living room. She's stuck in the oddest position too, her knees bent and she's holding her feet in front of her like she was sitting on the floor with her back against the wall. Somehow her eyes still seem to move. John picks her up and carries her to the hall in the front of the house but not before the other two see him and try killing him too. They have to now don't they? Damn him for coming home so soon.

John is a young, agile man in his early 20s though, surely he could defend himself. He drops his mother on the nearest piece of furniture then lifts up his jean pant leg and pulls out a knife. Pointing it at his brother he then takes out his cell phone and dials 9-1-1. His brother has played sports all throughout high school and goes to the gym, he's nearly twice the strength of his older brother. His brother kicks the knife and it goes flying out of sight and tackles John to the floor. The operator hears the commotion and manages to get their address not because she asked but because his phone gave it away along with all the noise that can be heard outside on this quiet night.
The first part is a dream I had, very strange I think. No idea what it could mean.
I added the rest because I felt it was too incomplete, it's still lacking but I don't know where I want to go with it so I will leave that to you.
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This very attractive girl named Tritia or Tracey Goldstein or something found me in a school it must’ve been and said she knew me and we hadn’t talked in a long time. She was very excited. Long brown hair, pale, beautiful light coloured eyes, corset=type top which she overfilled in the most plesent way if you know what I mean. I seemed a little indifferent but later ended up talking to her more.
I had both cats in me boots, in my right sock actually, it was an incrediable feat. I checked up on them a few times. I was sitting at a desk at one point. Later I was outside talkng with Tritia. We were at the corner of the building by a dumpster.
Some how I ended up at my house and I remembered to let the cats out of my shoe. Then I think I let someone in, it was either Tritia or Gracie.

I was at Gracies house, except it was slightly different. I could watch her from my bedroom window on the computer. Which I did at some point. Anyway, we were hanging out, maybe playing video games or doing other stuff, I can’t remember. When I go to leave I keep forgetting my stuff and have to run up and down the stairs, her parents return and yell at her asking why I’m (still?) there and she states that I was just heading out. I feel like they could’ve at least been nicer about it and bad that I got her in trouble beause I kept forgeting things. So I got back to my house which happens to be next door to Gracies and I peak through my curtain and watch her on the computer, looks like shes talking to someone, then a half hour later she gets up and next thing I hear is her car starting but it’s not her usual car, its the old one that is normally sitting in the garage, it’s working now and in better condition. Not new but better. I get a little mad that she tried kicking me out early so she can go hang out with Richard but then a little while later somebody walks in my house and it’s her and someone else, I can’t tell if it’s Richard or not but I let them in my room. It’s not the same room, it’s bigger and it has a couch and a big TV and several guitar amps.
I believe at some point I was telling Gracie about Tritia and now we’re playing some music after watching a bit of TV or video games. I pick up my guitar and plug it in after looking around at the amops and deciding what I need with what distorition. Had to play around a little bit with these two pedals to get what I wanted and started playing. 7th fret a bunch of times then open bottom string. Same note since we drop tuned.

I can’t recall what happened after this.
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Last night I had a dream involving the two girls I lived with in Florida.

For some reason I was walking down a highway or something and I ran into Mandalynn, so I turn around and start talking and walking with her. She's going to meet up with someone. At some point there's a car with a person or two that I know so I get in. Then, I wind up at Frosty's place and she's in the kitchen doing something with food and I start looking through the cabinets because I want to cook/bake something for us to eat. I ask how Nicci is doing and she says that she now had to go to a halfway house for some reason, it was very sad. I said that I still had some of the drawings they gave to me and I meant to bring them back, but forgot to. Frosty said it would really help make Nicci feel better. That was pretty much the end of the dream. At some point I think I passed Donna, just waved and kept going.

How this might relate to real life:
I did see Mandalynn the other day as we hung out. Last night I was hanging out with Cat and some people, Sarah from my HS art class was there and she did give me something she did and I forgot to mention to her that I still had it (along with most of the stuff I made myself). We went out to eat last night, twice.
I saw someone that looked like an older and slightly thinner version of Donna (from a few feet behind) while I was walking about town the other day.
I still owe Frosty $100 for rent(that's out of $240). I need to start making some money.
I don't remember who, but someone that comes by here or used to, was in a halfway house.
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this morning I had a few dreams of an old friend. We were in a basement/house and I kept trying to say hello to her and give her a hug and a kiss but, my labret spike always got in the way since it's about an inch long. That's basically it. I'm sure you don't care but it amuses me.
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