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driving over a bridge with kat, there was a sign that said
frequency this bridge opens/
days of the week

it opened when we got over it and the kat shot off and we had to push the windows open and the doors. it was kinda weird how it looked.everything opened t once.


some girl came over. tall, skinny, long black/pupleish hair. gothy. adrian was jealous, told me not to steal her. she said she was a night person too so we had stuff in common. discussed my work schedule a bit.

before this i was walking a dog, held the leash loosely. didn't really have it wrapped around my wrist. it was short. there was a school and we went down a few blocks, the weather was nice, not too bright or hot, walked a bit, then some how turned around and went back towards the school to head back to the house. then i guess that lead up to the above paragraph

and the night before when I slept over Kats house, on the couch downstairs, i had a dream that i drooled on some guys hand when i was giving him money. he said he'd take it w/o the drool. this may or may not be work related.
when i woke up i had part of an X on my face that rubbed off of my hand. The X was there from playing with xUntilxDeathx
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John walks into the house, it's dark, hardly any of the lights are on. His father and brother are standing around in the kitchen. Soon he discovers his mother petrified, dead in the living room. She's stuck in the oddest position too, her knees bent and she's holding her feet in front of her like she was sitting on the floor with her back against the wall. Somehow her eyes still seem to move. John picks her up and carries her to the hall in the front of the house but not before the other two see him and try killing him too. They have to now don't they? Damn him for coming home so soon.

John is a young, agile man in his early 20s though, surely he could defend himself. He drops his mother on the nearest piece of furniture then lifts up his jean pant leg and pulls out a knife. Pointing it at his brother he then takes out his cell phone and dials 9-1-1. His brother has played sports all throughout high school and goes to the gym, he's nearly twice the strength of his older brother. His brother kicks the knife and it goes flying out of sight and tackles John to the floor. The operator hears the commotion and manages to get their address not because she asked but because his phone gave it away along with all the noise that can be heard outside on this quiet night.
The first part is a dream I had, very strange I think. No idea what it could mean.
I added the rest because I felt it was too incomplete, it's still lacking but I don't know where I want to go with it so I will leave that to you.
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This very attractive girl named Tritia or Tracey Goldstein or something found me in a school it must’ve been and said she knew me and we hadn’t talked in a long time. She was very excited. Long brown hair, pale, beautiful light coloured eyes, corset=type top which she overfilled in the most plesent way if you know what I mean. I seemed a little indifferent but later ended up talking to her more.
I had both cats in me boots, in my right sock actually, it was an incrediable feat. I checked up on them a few times. I was sitting at a desk at one point. Later I was outside talkng with Tritia. We were at the corner of the building by a dumpster.
Some how I ended up at my house and I remembered to let the cats out of my shoe. Then I think I let someone in, it was either Tritia or Gracie.

I was at Gracies house, except it was slightly different. I could watch her from my bedroom window on the computer. Which I did at some point. Anyway, we were hanging out, maybe playing video games or doing other stuff, I can’t remember. When I go to leave I keep forgetting my stuff and have to run up and down the stairs, her parents return and yell at her asking why I’m (still?) there and she states that I was just heading out. I feel like they could’ve at least been nicer about it and bad that I got her in trouble beause I kept forgeting things. So I got back to my house which happens to be next door to Gracies and I peak through my curtain and watch her on the computer, looks like shes talking to someone, then a half hour later she gets up and next thing I hear is her car starting but it’s not her usual car, its the old one that is normally sitting in the garage, it’s working now and in better condition. Not new but better. I get a little mad that she tried kicking me out early so she can go hang out with Richard but then a little while later somebody walks in my house and it’s her and someone else, I can’t tell if it’s Richard or not but I let them in my room. It’s not the same room, it’s bigger and it has a couch and a big TV and several guitar amps.
I believe at some point I was telling Gracie about Tritia and now we’re playing some music after watching a bit of TV or video games. I pick up my guitar and plug it in after looking around at the amops and deciding what I need with what distorition. Had to play around a little bit with these two pedals to get what I wanted and started playing. 7th fret a bunch of times then open bottom string. Same note since we drop tuned.

I can’t recall what happened after this.
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Worked in a restaurant. someone who was kind of supposed to be Katies friend Danielle was there and kissed me, I disliked it. Was thinking she didn't look like a rat. Went up front most of the night and didn't do anything. Or was that in the back? The sink was different, it had a pad of buttons that I didn't know which did what anymore. Had all new people including a new manager. I was pretty much the only person that was there for a while.
Think this started off in school and I got in trouble for getting up to get my bag because it was in the middle of the asile by the door and I wanted it closer to me. I explained I had been to college and i was used to just doing things. At some point I was walking through the halls. The place was really big.

next dream
had the room in the basement and it was huge. walk in and theres the bedroom with its own light. that was to the left. in front there were two computers. You had to go down two or three steps I think to get into the bedroom. Beyond this area was the bathroom which was to the right. There was a bookshelf in here. It amazed Tina when I showed this all to her.
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Last night I had a dream involving the two girls I lived with in Florida.

For some reason I was walking down a highway or something and I ran into Mandalynn, so I turn around and start talking and walking with her. She's going to meet up with someone. At some point there's a car with a person or two that I know so I get in. Then, I wind up at Frosty's place and she's in the kitchen doing something with food and I start looking through the cabinets because I want to cook/bake something for us to eat. I ask how Nicci is doing and she says that she now had to go to a halfway house for some reason, it was very sad. I said that I still had some of the drawings they gave to me and I meant to bring them back, but forgot to. Frosty said it would really help make Nicci feel better. That was pretty much the end of the dream. At some point I think I passed Donna, just waved and kept going.

How this might relate to real life:
I did see Mandalynn the other day as we hung out. Last night I was hanging out with Cat and some people, Sarah from my HS art class was there and she did give me something she did and I forgot to mention to her that I still had it (along with most of the stuff I made myself). We went out to eat last night, twice.
I saw someone that looked like an older and slightly thinner version of Donna (from a few feet behind) while I was walking about town the other day.
I still owe Frosty $100 for rent(that's out of $240). I need to start making some money.
I don't remember who, but someone that comes by here or used to, was in a halfway house.
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this morning I had a few dreams of an old friend. We were in a basement/house and I kept trying to say hello to her and give her a hug and a kiss but, my labret spike always got in the way since it's about an inch long. That's basically it. I'm sure you don't care but it amuses me.


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