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So apparently my girlfriend has been hooking up with her female friend and what might be her friend's boyfriend every week. They just went into the shower together as usual and she went down on him. At first I wasn't too happy, then I didn't really care as long as it didn't take away from mine but then it didn't sit well; just made me feel uneasy. I was sitting there on the bed thinking that I invested too much into this and what if she was no longer interested? Things just weren't working out and we didn't make it? Where would I live? How would I continue school? I'd have to move and work full time, don't know if that'd even be possible. Now, this would be okay if we talked about it beforehand since we've got a mostly open relationship anyway but to find out after it's been going on is not cool.
When she got out she said she missed her pets and she wanted them in her dorm with her.
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