Group Con.

Sep. 8th, 2011 12:40 pm
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So, I went to this convention thing with a few people. Eve, Kat, Cor, Adr and I think one more. For some reason I was on a computer talking to Kat and telling Adr to do some push ups. He didn't want to, he faked a few. I thought that was weird because me and him used to work out all the time together. Eventually we did some push ups.
Skip until later.
We're all in a bed together and naked. Can you imagine what's going on? I'm on top of Cor and Eve is next to us on the left while Kat & Adr and possibly that other girl on the right. So the others disappear and I tell Cor that I'm sorry about all the death and the penis then she walks away leaving just Eve & I. She makes a funny face and a sarcastic comment about how I have group sex all the time. I'm at the end of the bed and she's laying on her back with her feet to the wall and head tilted up towards me. I moved to lay normally on my side and tell her to come to me so I can kiss her.
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