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So this afternoon some kid knocks on my door about something. I think he was harassing me in WoW and i ignored him. He actually lives across the street. I don't know how he found out where I lived; when I asked he said there was a 711 down the street and somehow they told him, no idea how they'd get my info. I didn't let him in but I yelled at him, told him never to come back & not to disrespect me in my own house.

Later on I was driving the red Explorer and I got lost next to some air port. The road seemed to have ended and I got off on some smaller road, or just pulled to the side of that one, can't remember which-it was dark. Some teenagers were walking by so I got out and asked them how to get to wherever and how to turn around; if I could. They pointed out that it was not a one-way street after all and said I could make a left and then get off at the exit I needed to.
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