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I was downstairs with my band for practice and somebody brings up covering Korn's version of Ear Ache My Eye. Carl said he was planning on doing it with our old guitarist 'cause...whatever. I said something about it being in drop A tuning but we did it, I think I was playing guitar.

Then I'm up in space and I think Jean-Luc Picard made an appearance at some point. But anyway, I'm in this spaceship orbiting Earth, wondering what's going on. Bitterly happy that there are no laws; complete freedom. Only problem is that there's also nothing. Lots and lots and lots of nothing. Yet, I manage to find a market of some sort and buy some hot dogs; veggie friendly ones. There's some kid next to me buying some as well but they were the regular ones. Phiz was there as well, she wanted to dream. I don't think she wanted to do any drugs or anything like that but the thought passed through my mind.

that's mostly it. if i remember more I'll finish.


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