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I decided to start an Icecast Internet radio station called Panda Radio. It's a pretty diverse mix of black metal, rock, industrial and nearly everything else other than the top 500. (Okay, maybe I'll throw some RATM or SOAD in there...) It turned out to be a pretty big hit; after only a few days I've got people coming to my apartment with rockets (like fireworks), pandas and kits to put all this stuff together. I decided to pick up one of these ladies as I was getting in the car to ride down the long bridge we had near by. This bridge was great for skating or biking across. I also had my good buddy J'sapi with me. I think he lived with me actually and was going to ride his bike and race me as I rode my skateboard. So, this girl's carrying a rocket and I tell her to get into the back of my car; she's much appreciative, excited she's meeting and even hanging out with me. She tells me how awesome my radio station is. We drive all the way across the bridge to the island and we walk around a bit, go down to the end where she says the Samolian Slaves are that the state is using for construction.


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