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Sorry, i don't have my glasses on. I'm still laying down typing all this

We were staying over some house and sleeping on a futon. Still in couch form. There wasn't much room so I was sitting at the back with my arms around her/ This pleased me much. She's a snuggly one/ Aomw lADY AT SOME POINT SOON AFTER WE LAID DOWN WAS LIKE " i DON'T KNOWWHY YOU GUYS ARE LAYING LIKE THAT RAWRAWRWAR" "sO i WAS JUST LIKE. "'CAUSE IT'S A FUTON. WE DON'T HAVE MUCH ROOM HERE, SEE" THEN i PULLED THE BLANKET OVER US AGAIN AND WENT BACK TO LAYING DOWN HOLDING sARAH. I was thirsty so i drank some water she did too then i went to get more and go to the bathroom. for some reason i think there was only a sink.. and it wouldn't fully drain so i had to mess with the plug thing luckily there was soap. I had to goback and repeat the water and bathroom trip for some reason a few minutes later. after that i finally was able to get some sleep. i think we were in someones basement.. but it wasn't really a basement, it was a big dark room. there was another group of people 203 guys in a bed not far from us. around the corner. i think there was a blonde girl with them. when i awoke the next morning i went to get a laptop. it was weird and red. the screen slide forward and spun around in all directions. it didn't stay in place exetremely well though. i think i was checking my FB Email and doing some oter things and i see a huge dog outside. it jumps towards the house, seems to miss a window but i see a buldge in the wall and it gets through. the beast then procedes to attack the dog that's in the house but not me. it's got part of the dogs back/neck/shoulder area in it's mouth. it seems friendly to me but i'm terribly afraid that it's going to come for me after it kills this dog. it injures the dog a little but nothing too bad. i'm trying to tell the beast to let the dog go but it won't as well as franticly find someone to help. i hope a door and find some people. one's just sitting with a laptop and headphones. thin smoking a cigarette too. someone else gets up and goes out when some other peple knock looking for their dog. they seemed angry and a little upset. the guy, he's got short light brown curly hair and a red shirt and seems to live there says he doesn't really know what is happening to their dog but is sorry and he gives the dog back. he says the bigger dog, the beast, is his and says something to the other people. nobody knows anything. apparently the best was supposed to be tied up but got lose. when that fiasesxo is over i finish up what i'm doing on that laptop and shut it down. i think i may have broken the screen thing.it seems to have three parts of the slide and adjusts itself, as in sinks in a little to whatever it's on. in this case some bed thing. but it's like a kitchen table
. i think this pretty much concludes the drem. i'm gonna go to the bathroom now.
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