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Gigantic Nick said that I was cute. That's very odd, I thought we always had a mutual respectful dislike for one another. He grabbed my trench coat, looked at my blue shirt and said it. I was kind of happy but confused and was like.. uhh okay thanks and laughed. Then thankfully he walked away and we got back to our own business. He was probably mocking me again.
Before that happened though I was in the van at my house and driving down to a school. This van was in poor condition. Either I was in a rush or just uneasy. When I got to the school I met up with these two girls. One of them was in trouble, no idea why. The three of us left the building and it was very crowded outside so we were able to hide her. For some reason we just stood not far from the entrance and the girls walked back and forth through the crowd and behind me just inside the doors was the principal staring creepily out at us. I'm pretty sure he saw me but I don't think he noticed anyone else. After walking side to side about 4 times in different disguises I finally grabbed them and we left to the van.
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