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Last night I had a dream involving the two girls I lived with in Florida.

For some reason I was walking down a highway or something and I ran into Mandalynn, so I turn around and start talking and walking with her. She's going to meet up with someone. At some point there's a car with a person or two that I know so I get in. Then, I wind up at Frosty's place and she's in the kitchen doing something with food and I start looking through the cabinets because I want to cook/bake something for us to eat. I ask how Nicci is doing and she says that she now had to go to a halfway house for some reason, it was very sad. I said that I still had some of the drawings they gave to me and I meant to bring them back, but forgot to. Frosty said it would really help make Nicci feel better. That was pretty much the end of the dream. At some point I think I passed Donna, just waved and kept going.

How this might relate to real life:
I did see Mandalynn the other day as we hung out. Last night I was hanging out with Cat and some people, Sarah from my HS art class was there and she did give me something she did and I forgot to mention to her that I still had it (along with most of the stuff I made myself). We went out to eat last night, twice.
I saw someone that looked like an older and slightly thinner version of Donna (from a few feet behind) while I was walking about town the other day.
I still owe Frosty $100 for rent(that's out of $240). I need to start making some money.
I don't remember who, but someone that comes by here or used to, was in a halfway house.
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