Aug. 11th, 2011

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I was at a buddy's party, Ray's. I left with Carl & Pixie and went to their place for a bit. For some reason I had some small water slug creature. I grabbed some other things too, I think even some other animals but they were dead, it was more like twigs and dirt or something, I don't really remember. I found a few oyster shell halves and scooped up some water to keep the creature alive with. After doing this it inflated a little bit and became a little more lively, I actually wasn't sure if it was dead until now but glad to see it wasn't. So, I left their house and was sitting in the car, which was more like a van I think. At some point Carl is yelling about something and Pixie comes in, I think she was out somewhere and walked in with two friends. The yelling and Pixie's crying are unrelated. She asks if anybody else is here, Carl says no. They go inside and I guess he makes her feel a little better. She notices I'm here when they come back out and then Carl drives me somewhere. I've been sitting and waiting here for a long time. I had to go out west somewhere to go to a store. I forgot which one exactly and why but I just know I had to go so he takes me back to Ray's where my car is and then I just start driving hoping that I'll remember once I get closer. After a while of driving I stop somewhere and help them with something in their drive way and they tell me exactly how to get to this store I think I'm looking for.


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