Jun. 26th, 2011

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I had a dream this afternoon that my friend Tina was a stripper. She sent me a SMS video on my phone, which I'm not sure can even play videos. I think it can because it seems able to record them. Someone should send me a video of something sexy and beautiful. Anyway, she said that she couldn't figure out how to get it to work. I was in the car with Those Who Dwell Upstairs and for some reason we went to the club she was at. She was a beast! No, really. She grew into a small giant at some point, her hair was a mess and shortish. I think she had some horns or spikes on her head as well. She was wearing some black and pink stuff. I think a skirt even. She took her top off. Not bad for a monster. She was a little scary.

I had another dream but I can't completely remember it now. It wasn't like this above one though.

I was playing Resident Evil 5 this morning so maybe that's where that came from. Last night somebody was texting me asking how to send an Email. (Through Outlook (Express)) My phone died and I don't know if he's been able to figure anything out yet. I think he's buying hookers off craigslist or something.


I remember that other dream now! It had to do with some girl I've known since middle school. We don't talk these days. Perhaps I should hunt her down because this is not the first time she's popped into my mind. I don't have any weird crush on her or anything. :P I really don't. lol

Okay so... I was walking around some store, it was a girly store. I think it stemmed from the show last night with all the feminine products that were being raffled off--that guys won, they wanted to. Manly men too. Or so it seems!
I think she was a bit upset for some reason so we hung out, walked around the store then she left with me and we went to some party. She was awfully quiet the whole time, which from what I remember isn't too much like her but we've never hung out so I don't know really. I believe I gave her a plate of food, she ate it.
I don't remember much else so you'll just have to be entertained with that.


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