May. 11th, 2009

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This very attractive girl named Tritia or Tracey Goldstein or something found me in a school it must’ve been and said she knew me and we hadn’t talked in a long time. She was very excited. Long brown hair, pale, beautiful light coloured eyes, corset=type top which she overfilled in the most plesent way if you know what I mean. I seemed a little indifferent but later ended up talking to her more.
I had both cats in me boots, in my right sock actually, it was an incrediable feat. I checked up on them a few times. I was sitting at a desk at one point. Later I was outside talkng with Tritia. We were at the corner of the building by a dumpster.
Some how I ended up at my house and I remembered to let the cats out of my shoe. Then I think I let someone in, it was either Tritia or Gracie.

I was at Gracies house, except it was slightly different. I could watch her from my bedroom window on the computer. Which I did at some point. Anyway, we were hanging out, maybe playing video games or doing other stuff, I can’t remember. When I go to leave I keep forgetting my stuff and have to run up and down the stairs, her parents return and yell at her asking why I’m (still?) there and she states that I was just heading out. I feel like they could’ve at least been nicer about it and bad that I got her in trouble beause I kept forgeting things. So I got back to my house which happens to be next door to Gracies and I peak through my curtain and watch her on the computer, looks like shes talking to someone, then a half hour later she gets up and next thing I hear is her car starting but it’s not her usual car, its the old one that is normally sitting in the garage, it’s working now and in better condition. Not new but better. I get a little mad that she tried kicking me out early so she can go hang out with Richard but then a little while later somebody walks in my house and it’s her and someone else, I can’t tell if it’s Richard or not but I let them in my room. It’s not the same room, it’s bigger and it has a couch and a big TV and several guitar amps.
I believe at some point I was telling Gracie about Tritia and now we’re playing some music after watching a bit of TV or video games. I pick up my guitar and plug it in after looking around at the amops and deciding what I need with what distorition. Had to play around a little bit with these two pedals to get what I wanted and started playing. 7th fret a bunch of times then open bottom string. Same note since we drop tuned.

I can’t recall what happened after this.


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