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John walks into the house, it's dark, hardly any of the lights are on. His father and brother are standing around in the kitchen. Soon he discovers his mother petrified, dead in the living room. She's stuck in the oddest position too, her knees bent and she's holding her feet in front of her like she was sitting on the floor with her back against the wall. Somehow her eyes still seem to move. John picks her up and carries her to the hall in the front of the house but not before the other two see him and try killing him too. They have to now don't they? Damn him for coming home so soon.

John is a young, agile man in his early 20s though, surely he could defend himself. He drops his mother on the nearest piece of furniture then lifts up his jean pant leg and pulls out a knife. Pointing it at his brother he then takes out his cell phone and dials 9-1-1. His brother has played sports all throughout high school and goes to the gym, he's nearly twice the strength of his older brother. His brother kicks the knife and it goes flying out of sight and tackles John to the floor. The operator hears the commotion and manages to get their address not because she asked but because his phone gave it away along with all the noise that can be heard outside on this quiet night.
The first part is a dream I had, very strange I think. No idea what it could mean.
I added the rest because I felt it was too incomplete, it's still lacking but I don't know where I want to go with it so I will leave that to you.


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